Treated Conditions

If you would like to inquire about treatment for a disorder not listed here, please Contact John Renshaw directly for further information.

Commonly Treated Conditions

Alcohol Smoking
Food Prescribed & Recreational Drugs
Childrens Complaints
Bedwetting Skin Rash
Indigestion Diarrhoea
Sleep Problems  
Eczema Acne
Herpes Psoriasis
Eyes, Ears, Nose & Throat
Dizziness Sore Throat
Hayfever Poor Eyesight
Ringing in the Ears Conjunctivitis
Infectious Diseases
Cold and Flu Sinusitis
Bronchitis Hepatitis A, B, C.
Diarrhoea Shingles
Internal Conditions
Asthma High Blood Pressure
Colitis Diabetes
Irritable Bowel Symptoms ME
Indigestion Anaemia
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Palpitations
Arthritis Migraine
Oedema Uro-genital infection
Mens Diseases
Prostatitis Impotence
Infertility Premature Ejaculation


Mental-Emotional Problems
Anxiety Depression
Anger & Frustration Excessive Emotions
Panic Attacks Grief
Sadness Insomnia
Pain Management
Headache Migraine
Stomach Ache Back Pain
Sprots Injury Repetetive Strain Injury (RSI)
Neck & Shoulder Tension  
Treatments for Increasing Longevity and Quality of Life Based on Constitutional Patterns.


Side Effects
Reducing the Symptoms of Aggressive Therapies  
Chemotherapy Radiotherapy


Womens Diseases
Irregular Periods Cramps
Endometriosis Premenstrual syndrome
Infertility Menopausal Problems
Hot flushes Vaginitis
Thrush Anaemia
Pelvic Inflammation Discharge

Each persons condition is evaluated individually based on your main complaints and symptoms, a Chinese medicine diagnosis will be made based on patterns of symptoms (Syndromes) and constitutionional type. A treatment plan is then formulated that is best suited for you. Where appropriate a constitution model may be also be used from Tibetan and Ayurvedic medicine, this is usually mor relevant when yoga and meditation are applied. Treatments may also include a combination of different therapies, some can be applied together in one session like acupuncture Chinese herbal medicine, and
massage, or used seqentially, with the addition of yoga therapy and meditation.


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