Specialist Clinics

Stress and Emotional Problems

Stress and emotional problems, can involve a whole range of different conditions, the most common being the triad of stress, depression and anxiety. For treatment, a combination of therapies are used that may include Acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, dietary advice, lifestyle advice, yoga therapy.Treatments are prescribed according to the unique presentation of each individual.

Pain Management

Over the years as an acupuncturist one of the most common conditions that people present with are those related to pain. For some people chronic pain can be very difficult to treat if only one methodology is used. Better results are gained with an open flexible approach, so along with acupuncture, electro stimulation, moxa, and cupping, John may also use connective tissue stretches, massage, herbal medicine, yoga therapy and mindfulness techniques.


Since the year 2000, John Renshaw has been working with Blenheim Community Drug Project and in 2012 qualified as Yoga Therapist for mental health with The Minded Institute (TMI) for which his final paper was on using yoga, pranayama and mindfulness for the treatment of addiction. Using this combined experience, John has developed a 12 week program of treatment inspired by the TMI 8 week program. The program is aimed at enhancing existing recovery strategies by teaching lifelong tools that help clients self-regulate addictive behaviour and to calm and balance their body, energy and mind.

Hepatitis C Clinics

One of John Renshaw's specialities is the treatment of Hepatitis C and liver pathologies related to damage from alcohol and drugs. 13 years ago, he helped to set up and run a Hepatitis C clinic with Blenhiem CDP in  collaboration with Dr,  Hep C nurse, drug and alcohol dependency workers, using Acupucture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. This long experience gained has led to insights into many other health complaints and diseases, In Chinese Medicine the Liver is considered to be involved in many different diseases.

Hepatitis C sufferers present with a huge range of symptoms, which are often very severe and chronic over 10 – 20 years duration. Many have high levels of inflammation and or cirrhosis of the liver with low tolerance to certain foods and drinks. Some also have dual diagnosis of other viruses  such as Hepatitis A, B and HIV.

Some of the many symptoms that clients suffer from include tiredness, exhaustion, depression, irritability, poor digestion, diarrhea, constipation, insomnia, fevers sweating, flu like symptoms, dry skin hair nails, skin irritation, joint problems, PMT, headaches, brain fog, and poor concentration. Approximately 25% of these clients are also treated to help the side effects from the 6 to 12 months of interferon and ribovirin treatments which can have very severe side effects.

Many clients are helped considerably, with some symptoms being cleared or reduced and tolerate the herbs very well, even with compromised and damaged livers.

Within this clinic john regularly takes( LFTs) liver function tests on his clients,  and is presently undergoing research into to effectiveness of this modality of treatment for Hep C.