A couple of years ago I was treated for cancer. I received chemo and radiation therapy. I contacted for advice to see if I could do anything to prevent the side effects of the treatments and to protect the vital organs. my digestion was particulary affected,

John prescribed Chinese herbal medicine Acupuncture and Moxa therapy. John took the time to show my partner how to use moxa sticks on crucial acupuncture points, which I found very helpfull.

Recently I have had some problems with my knee. John has taken time to see me, to assess the situation. Is it bone damage or cartilage? He has treated my knee with acupuncture. The swelling I had on the side of the knee has gone down after one treatment.

When appropriate and applicable John gives advice on lifestyle and diet consistent with the diagnosis of your problem.

John will always follow up how you are doing and takes time to answer questions about your treatment.

John responds directly by phone or email when you have a question or when you want clarification of your treatment or condition.

Y S London.

I have received great benefits from John's expertise in natural medicine for almost five years. He has been very supportive in helping me keep a balance with my asthma condition as well as my recurring digestive problems. Life has been very difficult at times and I have always been able to discuss with him confidentially of way to help me heal and restore balance in my life. His knowledge in medicine combined with his teachings in yoga  has been  of great help for me. "


'I first was introduced to John some 6 years ago, when first diagnosed with Hepatitis C. My liver was mildly damaged (1/3) and I had high ALT levels, etc. I was also suffering from related depression and anxiety.

Each time I visit him, approximately once a month, he listens carefully to my general physical and mental presentations, checks me over and then prescribes for me the right mix of different herbs for me, based on his extensive knowledge and experience. A quiet, relaxing session of acupuncture follows, enhanced by John’s intuitive personal therapy. This is an extra bonus and one from which I have benefitted greatly during the last 6 years.

I feel totally confident that my body and liver has been immensely helped by the herbs and acupuncture and my mental attitude greatly improved. My liver has not deteriorated any further and although the Hospital has offered me the uncomfortable medical treatment, I feel no need to accept it..'

Understandably no name will be given.


About seven years ago I was attending a lecture by a top nutritionist, during one of the intervals I approached him and quite bluntly I asked him if he knew anyone practising alternative cures for ailments such as Hepatitis C .


He was very helpful and told me to check out a guy by the name of John Renshaw ,who was treating people with Hep C using a combination of Chinese herbs and Acupuncture.


Well I had nothing to lose, I got in touch with John and soon enough I was on my way to health, my viral count come down impressively and my energy levels went up by a lot, now, look… I am a man in my early 60s and I never felt full of life as I am now, sure from time to time I get a bit of a dull ache in the liver region but it can as little as once every two months…not big deal…to be honest with you.


After all these years I can safely say…: Thank you John you’re a man worth knowing,.. cheers…to you,to health and to my wonderful liver.


F.G London


You will never breath the same way again!

Two days of full immersion into the world of Yantra Yoga were an absolute blessing and really helped me to understand what Yantra is all about. John is an incredibly knowledgeable and inspiring teacher and was able to explain practices to people who were at very different levels in their theoretical knowledge basis and physical ability. The workshop was also a way to meet new people from the Dzogchen community and have fun, while learning and relaxing at the same time.

V  M.


Hi John,

thanks for the infomation, and definitively, the course has been very helpful! I am much more aware of my breathing, and after each practice I have noticed a nice sensation in my body and mind, i would call it a a kind of clarity. still have to up grade some physical issues such as my back and muscle stretching, and deffo want to carry on practicing!




I was very happy with the weekend. Could not imagine to have something different that we had. Now I am paying more intention about the wrong breathing which you pointed out and trying to work with the modifyed movements for training otherwise I would just maybe do the same movements who knows for how long . So it was definitely a big inspiration for me to move on and not only to do the warms ups most of the time and kind of get bored.

 i do need more guidence from you and will try to attend all the workshops with you ,which you are planing for this year. Inna

It was a very enjoyable weekend. I consolidated my existing yoga knowledge and learned more so it was very useful. I thought the insights and knowledge that you shared alongside the practices were informative and interesting. It has made me wish to continue learning and practicising Yantra.


The “Introduction to Yantra Yoga Weekend” Workshop with John Renshaw was excellent. His knowledge and experience are evident in his teaching and his style works naturally with the different levels of his students. Of course I have the book and the DVD, but once again this was confirmation that nothing compares to learning from a good Teacher, I felt that I was encouraged to bring meditation into the practice and my daily life, which is really the highest outcome. Highly recommended.

V F Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher Trainer, Yoga Therapist


I was absolutely delighted to discover John's 8 week yoga course, working towards a full lotus posture; specifically designed for meditators. A kind, patient, highly skilled approach. I felt safe to push myself when I could, but comfortable to go gently when necessary. John is clearly very knowledgeable, and is blessed with the highest level of authentic  Buddhist tutelage from Old Tibet.