Yoga Therapy

John Renshaw offers a unique form of therapeutic yoga and tension release. Based on the principles of yoga, John will take you through a series of passive movements, stretches and muscular release. Ideal for those suffering from chronic tension especially of the shoulders, lower back and hips.


Yoga therapy is the specialist adaptation of yoga for those suffering with specific health problems and physical injuries. Although regular yoga sessions can improve general health, the practice does not aim to resolve serious conditions and is more focused on developing physical fitness and the maintaining overall well-being.


Yoga therapy practitioners are qualified yoga teachers but they have undertaken additional training in medicine and applications of yoga to medical conditions. This allows the practitioner to tailor the yoga to the patient’s specific ailment or injury with the ultimate aim of healing not only these specific symptoms but also to target the cause to prevent the injury from reoccurring.


What does treatment involve?

The first meeting begins by taking a detailed medical history from you as well as discussing physical, mental emotional and lifestyle issues. The more in-depth the information the better as this is what will be used to analyse your condition and subsequently form your treatment plan.


Usually, this is then followed by a series of one to one sessions, or it could be practical to form a small group of patients who require similar or the same treatment. In terms of the session itself, whether taken individually or as a group, it will primarily consist of postural, breathing practice, mindfulness and relaxation exercises.The combination of yoga postures chosen aim to strengthen the body as well as increasing flexibility and mobility. Exercises which involve breathing techniques will work therapeutically by increasing the flow of oxygen, helping to relieve stress, calm the nervous system and strengthen the respiratory and digestive systems.


Relaxation methods work on both a physical and mental level by creating a sense of wellbeing which helps us to deal with situations that would normally put strain on our bodies, and finally, meditation techniques help us to achieve a sense of inner calm and happiness.


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